Whether you are new to exercise or an experienced athlete, The Muscle Studio is the right place for you. We have it all from your cardio equipment, strength and powerlifting equipment, speciality equipment and the only deadlift platform in town! We are a diverse community with a culture focused on fun and hard work. All our members know each other’s names and support one another during workouts and your physical fitness journey. We will help you reach your goals and get into the best shape of your life. 


 Silks, hammocks, & shapes!
6-7 p.m. 

Mixed Aerials

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Price List

Basic Membership-$45 per month(gym access only).

Weekly pass-$25


*Corporate memberships(5 person minimum).

*We are proud to offer discounts to couples, military and students.


The Muscle Studio has been changing lives since we were established in 2008.

We believe that fitness is not a hobby, but a way of life.

We founded our gym to be the second home for all of our members.

Whether you exercise everyday or you’ve never stepped into a gym before,

The Muscle Studio can help shape the new you.

We want to be your next workout partner.

TESTIMONIALS-together we can climb mountains

"Thank goodness for TMS! In July 2016 I needed to get fit so I joined TMS. By December 2017 I had lost 50 pounds and was ready to compete in my first powerlifting competition. The people at TMS are like family and without their help and encouragement; I would not be where I am today. There is a good variety of equipment and plenty of free weights. Whether your goal is recreational or competitive, TMS is a great place to work out."


-Kimberly-a forever member.

"Larry and I have been members at The Muscle Studio for many years. We enjoy the convenience of the location We also appreciate the hours of operation where we can access the facility at the time that best suits us. The variety of equipment available is also a benefit to us. We both enjoy the assortment of cardio machines, as well as the machines that target specific areas of the body and the free weights.We feel that we have a better quality of life by keeping active and pushing ourselves to maintain and increase what we are able to do." 



"Love The Muscle Studio and the owners Very responsive to my training needs. Great classroom space with a wide variety of equipment. There is even a kid room for your convenience! A very good gym to train."


"I needed a gym and I needed it bad! Baby weight was not coming off and I needed to take charge of my body! I starting going the TMS, did personal training and classes and had great success. Together with support of Brett, Jen my trainers and instructors I was able to get back my body and regain confidence that I have been missing."