Tabata August 2017

From the Book - 4-Minute Fat Loss by Juliet Deane - available at

What is Tabata?

The Tabata method is named after Japanese researcher, Izumi Tabata.  Izumi and his team discovered a highly effective way to incerease both the anaerobic and aerobic system simultaneously using the same intense training method.  Let's break this down a bit.  Aerobic training is most simply defined as low intensity state of exercise while Anaerobic training is shorter than aerobic training in duration (less than 2 minutes) but at a much higher intensity level.  What does training BOTH energy systems mean to you?  No matter what your interests: fat loss in less time, effective variety in your workouts, getting conditioned for a long distance race or even sprint training for basketball season, the Tabata Method is going to dramatically increase your results and performance!  It's a common training ground for trainees and athletes of any variety.  No one willing to work hard is exempt from getting great results.

A Tabata session consists of timed work sets and rest periods.  Originally done on a bike, the Tabata Method has also proven extermely effective with full body exercises.  This also helps those of you with limited equipment access, gym accessibility, and/or hectic schedules get in quality work in less with less.  I feel the need to remind you of the catch.  The Tabata Method itself is so simple yet so incredibly intense that you actually can't imagine doing one second longer than the 4 minutes IF you can make it that long.

Where's the Proof?

I thought you’d never ask. There is mounting science, research and application that continue to prove the effectiveness of the intensity over duration method. In October 1996 the Official Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise published their findings in a physical fitness and performance study.  This study was on the effects of moderate-­‐intensity endurance vs high-­‐intensity intermittent training on both anaerobic capacity and V02max. 

The study consisted of two training experiments using a mechanically braked cycle ergometer.  First the effect of performing 6 weeks of moderate-­‐intensity endurance training (60 min workouts) on the anaerobic capacity and second, to quantify the effect of high-­‐intensity intermittent training on energy release during the same 6 week period with only 7 to 8 sets of 20 second intensity spurts/10 seconds recovery for a total of 4 minutes.

The results? The 4 minute workout produced a 28% increase in results over the 1 hour workout! Finally!  A real justified reason to cut short that stale training and cardio routine! 

Active Older Adult (AOA) Classes

The Muscle Studio offers an aerobic style class geared towards Active Older Adults (AOA’s). This class has been ongoing in the Newport area for decades and many lifelong friendships have been formed. You will get your exercise but will also have a lot of FUN!  The class is offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:45am - 11:00am. This class is included with your monthly membership fee.

The Muscle Studio accepts both Silver and Fit and Silver Sneakers gym membership programs.

Hussie Class
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